Infographics on Digital Marketing

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HubShout Infographics are free to use with attribution

Using infographics as a means for marketing is an exciting digital marketing tactic. In fact, image marketing has been around for a long time. And it is an excellent form of link building. HubShout Infographics are free to use with attribution. We highly recommend using them as a way to share important information in your industry. They pack the information into a graphical medium which is excellent for driving high time-on-site (dwell time) and engagement. Furthermore, Google has said that requiring a backlink as attribution to the artist who created the infographic is appropriate. Since many readers enjoy pictures over words, we highly recommend every marketer or web designer encorporate visual assets and infographics into their content as much as possible. You can see our examples of high-quality graphics above. We encourage you to use them (with appropriate attribution via a backlink, of course). Notice how users will stay on pages with a well-designed graphic for more time than a text blog post.

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