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e-mail template dashboard

  • Member 7172 Reply

    After watching the video in the builder and the PRQ, it says to select the auto response from the marketing dashboard. I am just trying to figure out where that is...can you point that out?


    04/30 at 09:24 AM (6734)
  • Adam Reply

    Cool. Glad you are watching those videos. Give us a little more context and I'm sure we can help you out....

    Are you talking about an EMAIL auto responder?

    Thx :-)

    04/30 at 09:31 AM (6736)
  • Member 7172 Reply

    Yes, for the "e-mail template portal" in the video it says to select from the marketing platform the auto-response that you would like included. This pertains to the "contact us" page of the website. We want to include the data entry questions that are part of the demo "contact us" page minus three of the entry slots. Once the visitor hits submit a response is generated. Where do we select what that response is going to be?

    04/30 at 10:59 AM (6741)