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Would it be beneficial to only list unique phone numbers?

  • Jamie B Reply

    I have a reseller who has seen a spate of repeated calls from the same number, and this is obviously inflating the calls that we are reporting. Is there any interest in seeing if we could filter out repeat calls and only display/calculate unique numbers?

    10/15 at 10:40 AM (15615)
  • Chad Reply

    Good idea. I have also had people ask about filtering calls under 30 seconds. We'd like the data to be as valuable as possible. Is unique the best way to go or should we go further and get rid of short calls?

    10/15 at 10:43 AM (15616)
  • Eric R Reply

    I don't know if we should get rid of "short" calls since there could be a reason why the call was short (disconnected line, voicemail, or something else that could be a problem). I think unique calls may be the way to go. This was brought up by some of our PPC analysts that people will see the tracking number and some will save the number in their phone to call again later. It might be good to count unique leads in one category then total leads in another (if that's possible). I think there is a benefit for many businesses to understand repeat business, so I wouldn't want to completely remove that data.

    10/15 at 12:31 PM (15621)
    • Chad Reply

      Unique all time or just for that month?

      We already create an aggregate stat of monthly calls. I'm thinking we might add unique during that month.

      10/16 at 09:04 PM (15647)