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Will Voice Search Impact SEO?

  • Renee Reply

    I ran across an article on voice search and SEO on the Huffington Post this morning. As a frequent user of mobile voice search, I hadn't really thought about how my behaviors might shape the search of the future.

    There is no doubt that we use search differently than we used to. A big reason is our use of mobile. And mobile users often use voice search for quick answers. I think the impact on SEO isn't as much about voice search than about our use of more conversational search in general. We've even seen this on desktop and Google has evolved to make it more natural to search.

    The advice to marketers? Pretty much what we always preach:
    -- Your content should be useful
    -- Know what your audience is searching for and give it to them
    -- Write content for real readers, not robots
    -- Use long-tail keywords

    Huffington Post: How Voice Search is Changing SEO

    01/07 at 08:39 AM (21467)
  • Chris S Reply

    This is a great find. I was wondering how the lack of Google's suggested queries could impact searches. No one will be saying "plumber kansas city mo" for example. They'll say the entire state name. Lots of interesting stuff there...

    01/07 at 08:51 AM (21468)
    • kyleg Reply

      Good point. People will probably be much more willing to search for more long-winded queries too since speaking is faster than typing. Maybe this could actually incorporate more keywords?

      01/18 at 09:09 AM (21611)
    • Zach aka The Rogue Cowboy Reply

      There are probably a number of search queries that will become irrelevant because of voice search. Interesting though Chris!

      01/18 at 01:43 PM (21627)
  • Bill F Reply

    Will voice search ever actually become popular? I don't think typing is going away any time soon... it's only a matter of time until mobile-first fades away and people readopt the computer, probably in large (flexible?) tablet form

    01/13 at 12:30 PM (21552)
  • Megan Reply

    I never use use voice search, it always gets what I want wrong. Though it does seem like a lot of phone commercials are trying to push it.

    01/18 at 09:10 AM (21612)
  • Member 19075 Reply

    I think voice search is the worst thing ever. Never understood the hype.

    01/18 at 09:12 AM (21613)
  • Ryan Reply

    I agree that voice search is largely garbage at this point and I never use it, BUT I do think it's a much more natural way to interact with a device. As the technology continues to grow and develop I think more people will start using it more often.

    01/18 at 09:22 AM (21615)
    • Angelina Marie Reply

      Voice search as a convenience for me when I am on the go. I do agree with the fact that many times, I am not provided the results I am looking for or the technology doesn't decipher what I am saying correctly, however, I do believe that sooner than later, voice search will improve and the future of SEO is going to change drastically because of it.

      01/18 at 09:43 AM (21618)