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What is White Label SEO

What is white label seo?

1) A way to outsource SEO

2) Branding a proven SEO product as your own

3) Using an outsourced SEO solution to deliver the SEO work

4) Marking up a wholesale product to maximize agency profits

We thought we'd do a very introductory video for those interested in expanding into the reseller space but not quite sure of what it is or how it works.

White labeling is when a company provides a service or product and sells it to you at a discount price so that you can put your name on it and turn a profit. They don't have to spend the marketing dollars and you don't have to spend money or time developing a product or service that works.

For instance, when you go to your favorite grocery store, ever notice the many, many products in grocery store packaging? They bought white labeled goods! At its core, white labeling is a partnership. Watch the video to find out more.


Hello, and welcome to our what is white label SEO video. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me as well.

Hi. Good afternoon, Chad. We get a lot questions on our forum and from our video blog series from folks who run small agencies or in web design shops who are just dipping their toes into search engine optimization, considering expanding into that space. And they ask the question, what is white label SEO? So I thought we'd do a very introductory video today just to introduce this concept and talk about maybe how to select a white label SEO partner and just talk about what it is.

Yeah, what is white label seo is a great question. So to step back, at the highest level, just talking about what is white labeling, I'm sure we're all very familiar with it because, essentially, it's when a company that provides a service or a product sells it to you at a discount so that you can put your name on it and they don't have to carry the marketing and sales costs. So at the simplest level, when you go to your grocery store, there often is a ice cream brand that is that store's ice cream.

Or you go to CVS or your drug store, and you can buy aspirin with their label on it instead of Bayer. Now the reason that that happens, a lot of times that the ice cream or that aspirin is actually made by the same place. It's just that they're willing to say, if you'll put your name on it and distribute this product, we can sell it to you at a lower cost because we don't have to market and sell it ourselves. And, that is what is white label SEO.

So at its very core, white labeling or private labeling is essentially a partnership where the group making the product is surrendering the brand and the group selling the product gets that brand but doesn't have to make it. So at its core - what is white label seo - it's pretty much a partnership. Absolutely. So when you take that idea of white labeling and you bring it to the SEO industry and you bring it to what HubShout does, what we're doing is we're the experts on what is white label seo.

We have industry expertise in creating and running SEO programs, paid search programs, and other online marketing campaigns. But what we're doing is we're willing to say, you can white label these services and sell them under your own brand to your customers and your market. And because we don't have to have a sales team in your market, we're willing to discount that price because you're taking on sales and you're taking on the account management responsibility or at least the first line of account management responsibility.

Right, so the advantage for HubShout

is distribution of the product that we've been working on for many years and developing and putting a lot of investment into. But the advantage for the agency or the web design shop is they don't have to carry any product development costs whatsoever. They already have customers who are likely seeking this product. But they don't currently offer that product, so it's an untapped market and revenue source for them. And that creates the win-win out of the white label partnership.

Absolutely. And to add to a couple of things you mentioned in your response to what is white label seo, in addition to the cost of the staff and the industry expertise, we've also been able to develop specialized technology that allows us to track and then helps you sell the white label seo services, so when you present these services to your customer, you're able to take them and show them a white label seo dashboard that has all the tracking built in. And it makes you look a lot more professional than if you were trying to build reports yourself or create the marketing materials yourself.

Excellent. Well, that should answer the question, what is white label SEO? Thanks for watching.

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  • Matt Reply

    A white label program is great for a company that want to maintain their brand but still get the help they need from a back office standpoint

    03/09 at 11:35 AM
  • Jesse Reply

    With a true white label program, a company that is reselling SEO can establish an incredible reputation with their clients. Since they will never know that there are two companies working in conjunction, they will simple assume that the reseller is one company that is capable of doing it all!

    03/11 at 08:24 AM
  • Nick Reply

    White-label SEO reselling is a great partnership, for sure. It's a win-win-win!

    03/11 at 11:44 AM
  • Bill F Reply

    Reselling and white label open us up to a much wider range of markets, so we can focus on content and web, and marketers with existing client base can focus on selling.

    03/13 at 03:31 PM
  • Chris Reply

    I encourage anyone who runs a web or tech firm to try this new website reseller program for one website project.

    03/15 at 04:38 PM

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