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Website Reseller Twitter Feed Widget OAuth (New Twitter API)

  • Chris Reply

    Hi folks -

    There has been an update to the Twitter API. Gone are the days that developers can (relatively) easily add Twitter feeds to websites.

    If you have a site that was built by us and is using the Twitter widget function... Newsflash: It isn't working :-)

    To fix this you are going to need to provide us with your Twitter account password OR you are going to have to provide us with four unique API codes from the Twitter Developer site. To get the codes for us please follow these instructions.

    1. Go to: Twitter Developer Site

    2. Signin with your twitter user/password (top right)

    3. Hover over your account/user (top right) and choose "My Applications"

    4. Click "Create New Application Button"

      • Type a name for your application. This has to be unique. (i.e. companyname)

      • Type a description for your application (i.e. "twitter API for my website")

      • Type your website/domain name (i.e. "")

      • Callback URL: leave blank

    5. Click "Agree: enter the CAPTCHA, and click "Create your Twitter application".

    6. Once created, under the "Details" tab click the "Create access token" button.

    7. Now go to the "OAuth tool" tab and you'll need to send us the info from the first 4 boxes

      • Consumer key:

      • Consumer secret:

      • Access token:

      • Access token secret:

    08/19 at 06:06 PM (9641)
  • Jenna Reply

    Thanks for letting us all know and for the detailed instructions!

    08/28 at 04:33 PM (9834)