HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Topic Keywords on Campaign Details

  • Adam Reply

    We made several BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS in our well-attended Webinar yesterday. Everyone at HubShout is super excited about the improvements we are making to our plans, content marketing and overall Internet Marketing effectiveness. June will be an eventful month as we roll these features out to you.

    The first of these features will hit your private label dashboard later this afternoon in the form of Topic Keywords. As discussed yesterday in the Webinar, we are driving our writing team hard to create awesome content marketing via articles people want to read and share. Working in their newly renovated space, they need your help to select topics and keywords that lend themselves to high quality pieces.

    The campaign details screen now has two sections for keywords:

    1) Target Keywords Keywords you are interested in ranking on (traffic is tracked from Analytics). No different from before.

    2) Topic Keywords (NEW) Keywords that form the basis for excellent content marketing and are in related spaced to the words you want to rank on.

    HubShout Writer Lounge in Rochester

    We recommend long-tail keywords for your TOPIC KEYWORDS because we have a better chance of ranking articles we write on these keywords. Even if these keywords are not exactly what the client wants to rank on, you are building authority in related keyword spaces, and pulling in real audience. This all helps the head term rank.

    The separation of Target and Topic keywords is a critical initiative to avoid creating low-quality content written on topics nobody wants to read. We are excited to be implementing this change - and so are the writers...

    There will be frequent releases throughout June. Stay tuned to the forum for updates and notifications.

    05/31 at 12:08 PM (7548)
  • Adam Reply

    Quick note on transition: We have copied over all Target Keywords to populate Topic Keywords initially. But this is not ideal. For existing accounts, we will need to review these and remove GEO-Targeted keywords from the TOPIC list.

    05/31 at 12:14 PM (7549)
  • Adam Reply

    I should also add that there will be minor changes to the TASK DETAILS screen to accommodate the TOPIC KEYWORD selections as well.

    05/31 at 02:07 PM (7552)
  • Jenna Reply

    The new Topic Keywords is an excellent idea. I can't wait to see the quality content our writers produce when clients start taking advantage of the Topic Keywords function.

    06/04 at 10:06 AM (7705)
  • Carissa Reply

    This is a great idea! I love the concept of topic keywords, it will defiantly help with creating quality content.

    I think we should have a webinar or a video blog on this; to clarify what good topic keywords look like and how to choose them.

    also, this is available for the resellers to see on their end and they are able to add them as well?

    06/04 at 11:10 AM (7715)
  • Jesse Reply

    I love this picture. It was like "Where's Waldo." The busy busy writers den!!

    06/04 at 11:36 AM (7716)
  • Kyle Reply

    Hey Adam - the most popular question I'm getting asked on this subject is how many target keywords each new SEO package provides. Can you provide feedback on how we'll be deciding the # of target keywords for each package?

    06/04 at 11:40 AM (7718)
  • Nick Reply

    I think the writers will dig the topic KWs as well, since they will make creating high-quality content that much easier since they are less awkward by nature. Super new innovation.

    06/04 at 02:14 PM (7733)
  • Paul Reply

    I want to know how this will work for a business that still wants to rank for the "Rich Town Across the County" For example, say I have a client that has a sign business that is located in the town of Round Lake. They want their business found in the rich town across the county called Lake Forest. In the 'old way' the article would have a sentence like the following:

    Business use [a h ref="" title="Lake Forest Signs"]Lake Forest Signs[/a] to promote their services.

    However, with the new way, the anchor text won't be able to have the town name Lake Forest anymore.

    My account rep told me that since the term "Lake Forest Signs" is still the target keyword, in the new way, somehow the link using the topic keyword will still help the target keyword...but he didn't know how specifically it would work.

    I'm guessing that the following will be done but I want to verify this is true:

    Business use [a h ref="" title="Lake Forest Signs"]outdoor signs[/a] to promote their services.

    Please verify that this is the new way these links will be created. If this is the case, please explain to me how having the word Lake Forest in the title attribute of the A Tag is helping as much as it being in the actual anchor text. From what I doesn't have nearly as much power. And if that is the case, although this method will still will just take many more links than if it was in the anchor text. Therefore, I'll need to adjust my clients expectations on how fast they can expect to rank in the towns that they want to rank in.

    06/17 at 01:47 PM (8239)