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Top Rankings Include keywords with a ranking of Zero

  • Matt Reply

    One of my resellers noted that keywords with a ranking of Zero show up in "top ranking keywords" This is happening because 0 is a lower number than 1 but my reseller has 5 out of his top ten spots as zeroes. He wanted to add this as a feature request.

    09/04 at 04:34 PM (9995)
  • Chad Reply

    Matt, that sounds like a bug. A ranking that is not found should be 999 and not show on the report.

    09/04 at 05:21 PM (9997)
  • Matt Reply

    Would you like me to enter that as a ticket?

    09/04 at 05:56 PM (10001)
  • AdamUK Reply

    I have seen rankings of '0' for some of our campaigns too.

    09/05 at 05:19 AM (10002)