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Today's Video from Matt Cutts: Common SEO Misconceptions

  • Renee Reply

    Now we get to use that flowchart. Matt Cutts' video from today deals with misconceptions in the SEO industry.

    Here's the Question:
    "Hi, Matt. Which aspect of Google updates you think the SEO industry simply won't get? Where do you see many SEOs spending too much energy on when they could be taking care of other things?
    Computerklaus, São Paulo, Brazil"

    In the short video, Matt addresses:

    Refresh versus Update: Many people confuse refreshes and updates. (Remember, a refresh doesn't change the algorithm. It just refreshes the data. Refreshing, no?)

    My favorite part of the video is the hand gestures that he uses when he says "refresh" and "update."

    Conspiracy Theories: He takes on the accusation that Panda and Penguin are happening because Google wants to make more money. The company wants to create a better user experience and has a long-time view of keeping those users happy so they will return (meaning they aren't going to do something short-term that might make them money but will create a worse experience for the end user or make those users distrust or dislike using the services.)

    And where does he think people expend too much energy?

    He thinks people think about link building too much and what will hook the search engines, instead of actual people and the user experience. Sound familiar? Always think about the user experience on your site (compelling content, an easy to navigate structure, social media, etc.)

    06/03 at 05:37 PM (7686)
  • Roger Reply

    The irony is that in many ways this will make SEO better and more likable. For example as the leaders here point out with the new SEO plans that content and inbound is the big 'new' area for SEO and who will love that? All our client's visitors.

    Yes Google makes it harder to just slap down some lipstick e.g. build links to make a site rank better, but they are also forcing us to help our clients build better businesses online. I used to find these changes irritating, but now I think this is a win win for everyone. If owners don't want to put investment into their site so people want to go there and enjoy it, then really what the 'hey' are we all doing talking about 'marketing' in the first place. Why not just start vote buying, I mean bribing..ooops I'm going the wrong way here. ;))

    Just my two cents.

    06/03 at 05:50 PM (7687)
  • Roger Reply

    Great post by the way!

    06/03 at 05:51 PM (7688)
  • Breylin Reply

    Good stuff here. I will definitely be sharing it.

    06/04 at 09:03 AM (7696)
  • Adam Reply

    Right. This is exactly why we are pushing so hard on quality, onsite factors, end-user value and creating an experience for users...

    06/04 at 09:08 AM (7697)