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Thoughts on Marketing Coordinator End-Client Contact

  • Benjamin Reply

    Hey Everyone

    Just thought I'd offer some friendly feedback on the new marketing coordinator client contact service.

    First, I really love this idea and was excited to opt-in. My biggest concern was the experience of the end-client, and how "white labeled" it would be.

    If the coordinator would reach the end-client directly on the phone, it seems like things would be smooth. However it seems to get tricky when it comes to leaving a voicemail and leaving a return phone number. Another challenge seems to be time zones.

    Here is an email I received from our end-client:

    "Well, this isn’t working very well lol. Just phone tag. Is this person on the East coast? I just tried to call and it said the office is on the east coast and is now closed. That type of time difference isn’t going to work for afternoon appointments. We told her to call at 1-3 and she called at 11AM. Just go ahead and send me the form and I’ll try to fill it out tonight."

    A few ideas come to mind that may help things work more smoothly:

    1. If there were a field to specify the time zone for the end-client, the marketing coordinator would be able to plan accordingly, and minimize confusion about call back times.

    2. This one is harder, but I think there should be a way to white label the outgoing message that the client hears when calling back. One option could be let us upload an MP3 file with our own outgoing greeting. Another could be to generate the outgoing message with a speech synthesis generator and let us enter the text of the greeting. A third option would be to let us set up a forwarding extension in our own phone system to the coordinator's phone number. This way the end-client would call the number they are used to and hear our main company outgoing message. They would then enter an extension that the coordinator specifies in their voicemail and be forwarded to their "personal extension" from there.

    3. Another idea might be for coordinators to have a private number, so for example when leaving a voicemail for the end-client they could say something like, "Hi this is Jane with WhiteLabelComapanyName. Please give me a call back at my direct number, XXX-XXX-XXXX. The outgoing greeting on that number would then be simple like, "Hi you've reached Jane in Online Marketing. Sorry I missed your call...". That way it feels to the end-client more that they are simply calling back on a direct number, rather than reaching a strange company called "Our offices".

    So those are some thoughts from my experience so far. Hopefully with some tweaks this fantastic service can run more smoothly.

    02/13 at 07:48 PM (13134)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi Benjamin

    We greatly appreciate your feedback and are super excited that you are excited about our PRIVATE LABEL PRESS OUTREACH...

    1) Yeah - I hear you. Phone tag is a sad fact of life. But I don't think it means the program is not working. Since this new, I have been personally sitting in on many of these calls. They are going very well. We understand that small business owners are busy - it's a fact of life. We'll do our best to make sure someone is available for in-bound return calls. As this program grows, we will expand the number of Publishing Coordinators. We put 2 full-time people on it for this reason - even though the current volume only justifies 1 headcount.

    2) Private Labeled Return Number / Greeting - You have no idea how much I want to build this for you. With our telephony integration and IT skills - we can build this. We've been holding off until we were about a month or two in to make certain people like the program. But I LOVE your idea.

    3) Same - I would totally build this for you guys if another 10 resellers jumped in here and voted it up.

    Overall, we think that presenting a larger team to your end-client's will help retention. We also know that the more touches with the client the better.

    Finally - Many of the clients have been VERY positive about being quoted in recent news stories. They are excited. We know this will help your value proposition as it is a very tangible experience...

    02/14 at 07:18 AM (13135)
  • Matt Reply

    My initial feedback has been very positive. I look forward to hearing additional feedback as we move along in the process

    02/25 at 03:28 PM (13260)
  • Adam Reply

    Mind too. We have a couple more features we'd like to build - such as private-label phone numbers and private-label greetings... As more reseller adopt this feature, we will definitely build those...

    02/25 at 03:42 PM (13261)
  • Member 11298 Reply

    Clients are loving this feature, with the white labeled calls. I have only heard positive feedback

    04/10 at 05:18 PM (13836)
  • Adam Reply

    I was reviewing a call today that Jesse made to an MD. The doc knew exactly why he was calling (she had been asked for a quote previously) and was thrilled to give it. Additionally, she had seen the story we were talking about already in the news... A great experience for the end-client.

    04/10 at 05:32 PM (13838)
  • Jamie B Reply

    The key is certainly making sure that your client is expecting the call.

    04/11 at 05:39 PM (13860)