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The Top List of 2015's Worst Passwords

  • Liz C. Reply

    Oh these are awful, but kind of funny. haha

    01/20 at 02:36 PM (21661)
  • chelley Reply

    These are just bad. With how many hacks happen people really should put more effort into passwords. As long as u have somwhere securely to write it down do that and don't loose it. there's password generators out there if you aren't creative

    01/21 at 05:13 PM (21674)
  • Seth Reply

    But the password masterprincessdragon is still secure, right?

    01/22 at 09:08 AM (21675)
  • Bill F Reply

    At this point you might as well assume you're just going to get hacked anyway, and go with something easy to remember...

    01/22 at 10:03 AM (21678)
    • kyleg Reply

      Yea after watching Mr. Robot I assume I've already been hacked and will be many times

      01/28 at 09:15 AM (21751)
    • Liz C. Reply

      This is really true! Though I think there are easy things to remember that aren't this cliché.

      01/28 at 09:30 AM (21753)
  • Tim Reply

    A lot of people here being very high and mighty about passwords, but I definitely inherited a computer here with a password at the top of this list...

    01/22 at 10:55 AM (21681)
  • Bill F Reply

    That's exactly why we used it, Tim... there's a pile of computers that ended up in the closet just because people leave and we're locked out!

    01/25 at 09:24 AM (21690)
  • Chris W Reply

    123456 - such a classic

    01/26 at 10:48 AM (21719)
    • Bill F Reply

      You would think people would at least use 456789 or something...

      01/26 at 03:03 PM (21727)