HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Tasks Needing Review update

  • Chris S Reply

    In keeping with our core values of Efficiency and Collaboration, we want to pass along an improvement we made to the Tasks Needing Review module after getting partner feedback.

    When we ask for a sign off on an Onsite Report analysis we've done, one of our partners noticed that the task remains in the Tasks Needing Review list unless an update is made to the task itself (by the partner or the Account Manager) -- even after the Onsite Report PRQ has been approved as requested.

    Going forward, the system will update the task and route it to the Account Manager after an Onsite Report has been approved for implementation -- so the task will be automatically removed from the Tasks Needing Review area after the requested action has been taken.

    As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    04/17 at 05:30 PM (23333)