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SEO Metrics - Moving from Moz to Ahrefs

  • Chad Reply

    We have a big change rolling out to the dashboard in the next few weeks. We will be moving from Moz metrics to Ahrefs metrics on the SEO and the Webgrader screens. We are big fans of Moz but we've found that the Ahrefs link database has more data and is updated more frequently.

    Our decision to make the change was precipitated after reviewing Moz's API Update page. Their index problems in the last six months have led to customer complaints for us about domain authority fluctuations and at least two periods where their data went 60 days without an update. Here is a summary of the Moz data issues that lead to this decision:

    • 8/3/2015 - 400 Billion URLs

    • 9/10/2015 - Update canceled

    • 10/15/2015 - 134 Billion URLs (66% decrease in index size from 8/3). This drop in index size also led to a big drop in domain authority for the websites we track.

    • 12/2/2015 - Update canceled

    • 1/8/2016 - Update canceled

    As a comparative metric, the Ahrefs database has 2 trillion URLs compared to Moz's 181 Billion URLs. The move to Ahrefs will be seamless but the names of the data elements are slightly different. The bullets below have the current Moz element name and the corresponding Ahrefs data element name:

    • Domain Authority --> Domain Rating

    • External Links --> Backlinks

    • Root Links --> Referring Domains

    • Mozrank - This is a page level metric that we will not transfer over to Ahrefs since domain level metrics are most important to track.

    I have also included a screenshot of the new screen layout. We will update this thread when we have a final cut-over date.

    01/17 at 10:07 PM (21606)
  • Chad Reply

    Hi all. The switch is now live. The SEO Module and Webgrader are now using Ahrefs data. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    01/20 at 09:00 AM (21646)