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Support Tickets go to Reseller not Hubshout

  • Mick Reply

    Hi, I was wondering, when a client has access to their portal they have the ability to raise support requests, three main questions:

    1. Can the support portal/link be removed?
    2. Can tickets be routed to the reseller to manage on behalf of the client?
    3. I assume this is possible via a view, but can resellers be notified when a client raises a ticket (assuming question two isn't an option)

    Many thanks

    09/26 at 07:21 PM (10509)
  • AdamUK Reply

    This is an interesting question. None of my clients have yet created a support ticket so I'm not sure what the process is if they do. Do they go straight to HS or do they go to me for me to manage but also CC to HS?

    Can someone explain how this works and what my client will and will not see?


    09/27 at 04:49 AM (10510)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi guys. Great questions!

    Currently, this feature routes to the appropriate HubShout resource based on the type of question.. So that is either the Analyst (PPC, Local, Social, etc) or the HubShout Account Manager / Customer Service if it is general or billing...

    HubShout would then route it to you with a note. If it is something we can address, we will put our input in. If it is a billing / end client issue, we will just pass it along...

    So I think it does route how you want it to today, but there is no feature to remove it entirely, or have the ticket cut HubShout out of the communication path... That is an interesting suggestion if that's what you are looking for. Let us know.

    09/27 at 09:37 AM (10521)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Probably a good idea for us to at least get a copy of a task submitted by our client. They may call to check up on the task and if HS has not yet replied it sounds like we as resellers would not be aware of the task and then maybe look to our client like we are not on top of things.

    09/27 at 10:30 AM (10531)
  • Jason G. Reply

    If a task is raised by your end client ( I have not seen this happen more then 2 times ) we would assuredly make the Reseller aware of this task.

    09/27 at 10:34 AM (10532)
  • Mick Reply

    I believe a feature to remove it entirely, or have the ticket cut HubShout out of the communication path and we reroute to hubshout should be an optional configuration you should consider, that said I'm new to the system and people email me. My main concern is that in Australia we can find ourselves waiting a day or two, if a client raises a query 9am Monday, Hubshot reroute middle of the night Mon/Tues, we find the message Tuesday, we've lost a day and I feel left it to long to respond... then the situation could esculate if we need to reroute back to hubshout to action Tuesday night we can see it slipping to wednesday... however if we know about the issue on Monday we may be able to add some comments to the ticket for hubshout or reroute and see the issue resolved quicker.

    10/01 at 01:43 AM (10582)