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Snippit: Also spelled "snippet," a snippit is a short description used in directories and search engines that adds context to a link's title. These descriptions can vary between sites, but they may give information about a business's location, a website's services, or other information pertaining to the site's contents.

On a search engine like Google, for instance, a search query will display several results, all of which will have descriptions below them. For example, a search for "SEO" gives the user the title of the webpage, the URL of the page directly below it, and a short description or summary of the page, typically culled from the page's text. For some websites, Google will also display links related to that search that appear on that same website. Wikipedia's article on "Search engine optimization" also shows alternate links in Google for the Wikipedia pages "Backlink," "Google Webmaster Tools," "Search engine marketing," and "Spamdexing."

Other websites may give more or less information. A search for local restaurants on Facebook or Yelp may show a list with addresses, customer review scores, and type of dining for each establishment.

Most often, the search descriptions found in search engines and directories will not be overtly promotional. Instead, they will likely include information from the page's website (or meta description) or they may have a short, basic information presented in a more neutral nature. The description could also use relevant lines of text to the search, or the first few lines of text from the page.