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Setting Up the Phone Tracking Script

  • Chris Reply

    The HubShout system allows you to track sales leads by assigning individual identification to each lead source. Here we will be covering the implementation of the HubShout Phone Tracking script.

    HubShout Co-Founders, Chad and Adam held a webinar on HubShout's Phone Tracking system. You can find it here:

    WEBINAR -- Phone Tracking

    The phone tracking script masks and reroutes phone numbers based on the origin of the lead. For example, lets use 1-888-555-5000 as your actual phone number. If, for instance, your web site visitor clicked a link from a Google search, the tracking script could be set to replace your actual phone number with a trackable replacement like 1-888-555-9999. When a web site visitor originates from a Google search they will see 1-888-555-9999. When they call that number the HubShout system reroutes the call to ring your actual number and tracks the call in your HubShout portal.

    In your HubShout portal you can view all of your incoming tracked calls. You can review call time, duration, caller ID, origin and even listen to each call if you opt to record. This is extremely useful in planning and modifying your marketing efforts.

    There are three elements to the HubShout Phone Tracking system.

    • Selecting a new number
    • Setting tracking parameters
    • Applying the script to your web site

    Selecting a new number

    Log in to your HubShout portal and access the campaign you want to set up with Phone Tracking.

    HubShout Phone Tracking
    Click the Sales tab in the top menu and then click Set Up in the right menu.

    The first thing you will need is a new number to use for tracking. You can order your new number though your HubShout portal.

    Click Numbers and select whether you want a local or toll-free number. You can use Area Code, Zip Code and Contains to filter your search. Click Find Numbers.

    HubShout Phone Tracking
    You will be presented with a list of available numbers and the current monthly rates.

    HubShout Phone Tracking
    Click the number you want to use.

    On the Order Page you can give your new number a Label, tell it what number to Ring At and select the Medium. For our example of a Google Search we will select organic as the Medium. When you have filled the fields click Order Number.

    HubShout Phone Tracking

    Setting tracking parameters

    With your new number successfully ordered you are ready to set its parameters. Click the Numbers tab and then click the ID link for your new number.
    HubShout Phone Tracking

    You will see the EDIT NUMBER area. Here you can change your Label, Ring At and Medium. You can also decide to Record your calls and/or use the "Thank you for calling. Your call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes." disclaimer (required by law in some states). You can also add Whisper Text that will be spoken to the person who answers the call. This can be used to notify employees as to where calls have originated from.
    HubShout Phone Tracking
    When you have changed your parameters you can click Update Number.

    You can now test the new number by calling it. It should ring the number you set. You will hear the disclaimer and the answering phone will announce the call with your Whisper Text before connecting. After you have tested the new number successfully you can view the details in the Phone Calls tab.
    HubShout Phone Tracking
    Here you can see all the details of your calls as well as listen to individual calls by clicking the Listen link (requires Recording set to Yes).

    Applying the script to your web site

    Make sure that you are in the correct campaign Sales tab. Click Set Up in the right menu and then the Scripts tab.
    HubShout Phone Tracking
    The script that appears must be added to the campaign's website. Copy the script from the Phone Tracking page and add it to the web site's code just before the closing
    body tag < / body > .

    There are two different Phone Script modes of operation: Global and DIV ID Specific.
    Global allows the script to be used without adding DIV tags the phone number areas of the web site. If you use Global script mode you MUST review the web site for conflicts. If there are any errors or problems after applying Global mode, you should switch to DIV ID Specific mode.

    DIV ID Specific mode uses div tags in the code of the web site to apply the Phone Tracking script directly to the phone number text on the web site. The code editing necessary for this will look like the following example:
    <p>Call Us Today 1-800-555-5000</p>

    Will change to

    <div id="PhoneDiv1"><p>Call Us Today 1-800-555-5000</p></div>
    A maximum of four DIV IDs can be set using this mode.

    The values for the DIV ID and Referrer Override Variable can be left as the defaults, PhoneDiv and PhoneScript. There may be instances that you would want to change these variables for site coding or internal tracking.

    Once you are finished, the final step is to set the Script Status to On and click Update.

    03/20 at 03:05 PM
  • Dave Reply


    One other point on the phone script (as learned from experience) is that is that if the URL on the site starts with https, then the script needs to be tailored with this as well or else we could expect an "this page is unsecured" message.

    03/27 at 04:43 PM
  • Chuck Reply

    I have one client who gets more calls than he responds to sometimes and so at the end of the month, I will make a list of the calls that he has received and ask him to check his list to make sure he has given them a follow up call. He has caught a few that have fallen through the cracks and is noe beginning to check it himself. Mission accomplished!

    04/02 at 02:34 PM
  • Adam Reply

    I sure hope he pays you a bunch of money for that service Chuck... It's like you are part of his sales team? LOL

    04/02 at 04:17 PM
  • Chris Reply

    As Dave points out, there are rare occasions where a secured URL must be used for the script. This will avoid the "Unsecured" message from browsers.

    There is another thread detailing this here: Phone Script on a Secure Site

    04/03 at 03:02 PM
  • Spence Reply

    Tried this number of times setting it up for the UK, it initially seems to work and then just stops.

    04/03 at 09:32 PM
  • Spence Reply

    To confirm I ring the number - it logs the call on dashboard and the duration for each call is '1'.

    04/03 at 09:43 PM
  • Chad Reply

    Member 3783. Can you raise a support ticket on the campaign having this issue? Be sure to include the number you are trying to ring. We'll test it out and see if we can troubleshoot.

    04/04 at 10:45 AM
  • Adam Reply

    [quote]Chad said: Member 3783. Can you raise a support ticket on the campaign having this issue? Be sure to include the number you are trying to ring. We'll test it out and see if we can troubleshoot.


    Yes please... Be sure to include the specifics in your support task so we know exactly what we are trying to fix and we'll get on it ASAP...

    04/04 at 11:26 AM
  • Spence Reply

    Have done that Chad and Adam

    04/05 at 04:10 PM