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Sales - Leads - filter out bad leads

  • Member 8270 Reply

    My client really likes being able to see her leads, calls, traffic etc in the dashboard. But she requested the following:

    In SALES - PHONE CALLS you can filter and still see bad calls etc.

    In SALES - LEADS there is no filter. She would like for a lead to go away once it is marked as a bad lead. A filter would make this possible. Also the notes for marking the leads are not intuitive. The "stages" sound like for a proposal. Labels more for leads like how the phone call section is made would be helpful. Thanks.

    09/24 at 02:50 PM (10429)
  • Chad Reply

    The sales leads screens only show active leads. If a lead is not good, change it to inactive and it will not show in any of the analytics graphs.

    09/24 at 03:46 PM (10431)