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SEO Proposal Competitor Analysis SERP

  • Mick Reply

    Can someone confirm that the competitive analysis in an SEO proposal uses the data from google US in the results? and... can it or does it use the SERP in the clients advanced settings?


    10/29 at 02:15 AM (11165)
  • Kyle Reply

    Hey Mick - That section of the proposal tool actually uses semRUSH, as opposed to Google.

    10/29 at 09:20 AM (11175)
  • Mick Reply

    Which means it's US data yes? :) so the results on ranking etc are not specific to the country, does semRUSH allow us to pick a search engine or country and can HS build that in? The data is very odd for some clients and competitors

    10/29 at 05:44 PM (11187)
  • Chad Reply

    Mick. It is for US only. We just had a webinar last week where we asked for input on features. Internationalization was not high on the list. Anything is possible with IT but we tend to focus on the projects that have the most votes. I always hate to say no but the unfortunate side of prioritization is that some things don't make the list.

    10/29 at 05:54 PM (11188)
  • Chad Reply

    Mick... I should also say that internationalization wasn't high on the list even with your absentee ballot (which I did get).

    10/29 at 05:54 PM (11189)
  • Mick Reply

    Thanks Chad, appreciate the process and response, not sure how many of your clients are outside the US and in time zones difficult to attend the webinars but I'm sure you can identify them and ascertain if the benefits would be to a good percentage of your client base?! If so maybe worth specifically reaching out to them, it's a big world out there and I'm sure HS's international capability would allow that next phase of growth... If they are few and far between I agree it's not worth your efforts right now.

    When do we get to see a list of what was prioritised from the webinar ?

    10/29 at 06:02 PM (11190)