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SEO Issues Suggested By Client

  • SPP Reply

    I have signed up the first campaign (SEO Standard).

    However, I don't see anywhere in the white label dashboard to list any existing SEO issues with the site, as suggested/advised by the client.

    For example: With this website (on the SEO Standard service), there are the following questions that I need answers to:

    1. Why is Google Webmaster Tools saying that they have indexed 1,147 URLS of my site, when they are only 402 URLs in the sitemap?

    2. Why is my home page a PR3, while many of my landing pages are PR4?

    3. Do I have the proper redirects in place for my home page URL? For example: Is there a version with "/" on the end or "/index/html" on the end and is that negatively affecting my rankings?

    Since the campaign has only just started (and I am a new reseller), I don't know whether the Hubshout team will be automatically looking into these things.

    Is there an area to list known SEO issues with the site?

    01/15 at 12:16 AM (12656)
  • Adam Reply

    These are great questions. Are you able to come to our 4pm Training Session? We hold them every day and would love to get into this stuff with you and give you detailed answers in a screen share.

    01/22 at 08:08 PM (12799)
  • Adam Reply

    The training sessions are everyday. BTW

    01/22 at 08:17 PM (12800)