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SEJ Deletes Story About Airbnb SEO Scheme

  • Tim Reply

    On 3/22 Search Engine Journal posted a story titled "Airbnb Caught Using Embeddable Links in Widgets to Boost SEO," but the story has since been deleted. Looks like there's a cached version of the story still available (

    The original story said: "Airbnb was recently caught using embeddable widgets to allegedly enhance its search engine optimization. From the company’s standpoint, it’s offering HTML badges to help hosts promote their listings. It practice, the company is offering embeddable widgets with followed backlinks, which is considered a link scheme by Google’s definition."

    Wonder why the story was pulled?

    03/24 at 03:45 PM (22479)
  • Tim Reply

    Actually make that:

    03/24 at 03:46 PM (22480)
  • Megan Reply

    Ooooh, scandalous! I'm curious why it was pulled to.
    I think I like Airbnb's marketing, they're rebels.

    03/25 at 09:05 AM (22485)
  • Megan Reply


    03/25 at 09:06 AM (22486)
  • Bill F Reply

    Maybe it was pulled because AirBNB realized that others use the same tactic and wants them penalized too?

    03/25 at 09:42 AM (22493)
    • Tim Reply

      Yeah but why did SEJ pull the story? Their source looks like a psuedo-sketchy website with an axe to grind against Airbnb, so maybe the story just didn't check out? Either way, always interesting when a story gets pulled. In the old print days, you had to issue a retraction or correction if a story was wrong. Today, you can just disappear the story or issue an "update". Who knows?

      03/25 at 11:03 AM (22502)
  • Chris S Reply

    Tell me again that SEO and backlinks aren't important...

    03/25 at 10:29 AM (22498)
  • Jen Reply

    Weird. I do wonder about whether or not the source was legit, though.

    03/25 at 11:12 AM (22503)
    • Amanda Reply

      That's a great question. I'd wonder the same thing.

      03/25 at 04:12 PM (22517)