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Reseller Version: Keyword Research Spreadsheet

  • Eric R Reply

    To help you all with keyword research, and work with the methodology our Account Managers use, I'm sharing a spreadsheet for template here! The updates include some different formatting, some information what formulas are calculating in the columns, and some conditional formatting on the "Total Keyword Value" cell to turn red if the value exceeds the plan's "Budget" requirement.

    More updates are sure to come in the future.

    New Keyword Research Spreadsheet for Resellers found here - 2015 version

    Let me know what feedback you have/any updates you'd like to see in the future!

    03/27/15 at 04:15 PM (18025)
  • Member 11298 Reply

    Great, thanks. Lots of resellers asking for this.

    03/31/15 at 04:34 PM (18069)