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Request to remove Review Pending tasks from the home page

  • Aaron F Reply

    Today I had a request to remove the section on the home tab on the dashboard that shows the review pending tasks. The reseller does not like that his client can login to the home page and see internal conversations. If anyone else has a comment or concern about this issue, please post it in this forum thread.


    05/19 at 02:13 PM (14237)
  • Chad Reply

    Aaron. Anything in Review Pending client should be reviewed and addressed. Our general approach is that transparency is a good thing. Our team is trained to keep the notes professional. What would it take to convince/train your reseller that review pending client is actually something that shows effort and progress and should be viewed as a good thing?

    05/20 at 08:12 AM (14245)
  • Adam Reply

    Yeah - Most of the feedback I hear from resellers who have significant revenue is that having a significant team behind them brings confidence. We even had a reseller who previously kept HubShout's identity secret - but learned later that disclosing the partnership helped him sell more.

    05/20 at 08:20 AM (14246)