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Request for Client Review / Web Team Publish

  • Matt Reply

    I received a feature request to add an additional item to the Publish Onsite Content drop down.

    My client would like a "Client Review / Web Team Publish" option.

    I wanted to see if anyone else thought this would be useful

    07/19 at 01:54 PM (9071)
  • Terrance Reply

    It would be but I also think it would hold up our productivity. It's like when we gave the onsite report and it took them 2 or 3 months to get to adding the suggestions to their pages. I think having the client review it and get back to us will really slow down the process.

    If we have great writers instructions and with our great writers along with our research team/editors I think they should trust that we provide the best content/copy for them.

    Just my opinion

    07/22 at 10:53 AM (9105)
  • Matt Reply

    That is a huge danger, and a pretty likely scenario

    07/22 at 11:23 AM (9106)
  • Jesse Reply

    Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

    07/22 at 12:17 PM (9108)