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Question on Geo-Targeting Terms

  • Adam Reply

    I think that's about right....

    The big shift here is that Google has made some fairly bold moves in 2013 to steer us away from "link building" and toward high-value content marketing... The problem with GEO-Targeted terms is that you can't do good content marketing with them... Since we want to remain clean with Google's guidelines, we are moving away from them.

    You can still get your clients to rank on GEO-TARGETED terms. It just has to be done differently.

    1) Use onsite SEO to get your GEO terms on the page as much as possible. You can also use onsite linking.

    2) Use offsite SEO for true content marketing, making a valuable contribution to the Internet community that will earn backlinks, social shares and domain authority...

    These two things, done well together, will get you the rankings you want.

    06/19 at 02:48 PM (8375)