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Question on Geo-Targeting Terms

  • Paul Reply

    I want to know how this will work for a business that still wants to rank for the "Rich Town Across the County" For example, say I have a client that has a sign business that is located in the town of Round Lake. They want their business found in the rich town across the county called Lake Forest. In the 'old way' the article would have a sentence like the following:

    Business use [a h ref="" title="Lake Forest Signs"]Lake Forest Signs[/a] to promote their services.

    However, with the new way, the anchor text won't be able to have the town name Lake Forest anymore.

    My account rep told me that since the term "Lake Forest Signs" is still the target keyword, in the new way, somehow the link using the topic keyword will still help the target keyword...but he didn't know how specifically it would work.

    I'm guessing that the following will be done but I want to verify this is true:

    Business use [a h ref="" title="Lake Forest Signs"]outdoor signs[/a] to promote their services.

    Please verify that this is the new way these links will be created. If this is the case, please explain to me how having the word Lake Forest in the title attribute of the A Tag is helping as much as it being in the actual anchor text. From what I doesn't have nearly as much power. And if that is the case, although this method will still will just take many more links than if it was in the anchor text. Therefore, I'll need to adjust my clients expectations on how fast they can expect to rank in the towns that they want to rank in.

    06/19 at 02:37 PM (8370)
  • Adam Reply

    I think that's about right....

    The big shift here is that Google has made some fairly bold moves in 2013 to steer us away from "link building" and toward high-value content marketing... The problem with GEO-Targeted terms is that you can't do good content marketing with them... Since we want to remain clean with Google's guidelines, we are moving away from them.

    You can still get your clients to rank on GEO-TARGETED terms. It just has to be done differently.

    1) Use onsite SEO to get your GEO terms on the page as much as possible. You can also use onsite linking.

    2) Use offsite SEO for true content marketing, making a valuable contribution to the Internet community that will earn backlinks, social shares and domain authority...

    These two things, done well together, will get you the rankings you want.

    06/19 at 02:48 PM (8375)
  • Paul Reply

    Thanks Adam for responding so quickly. Can you verify that geotargeted term will only be in the title attribute in the a tag for me please? I just want to be certain.

    Second...if this is the new method (which I'm fine with) can we still expect to see gains for geotargeted words within three to four months as we have experienced in the past? I don't want the client to have the expectation that they'll come up on page one for "Lake Forest Signs" within three to four months when before it was always sure fire.

    06/19 at 03:18 PM (8376)
  • Adam Reply

    I'm not 100% sure that geo terms will be in titles. I will have to check. We want to stay away from anything that looks yucky to Google.

    06/19 at 03:21 PM (8377)
  • Member 5694 Reply

    HI Adam, I'm still unclear as to how the old campaigns that target 6 keywords will work. All six of my target keywords have the city name.

    Will the anchor text going forward not have the city name?

    Why would we still track progress of those six geo-targeted keywords even though we are using Non-geo-targeted anchor text?

    06/19 at 05:19 PM (8380)
  • Adam Reply

    Anchor text should be appropriate to the CONTENT MARKETING, not the target URL...

    And yes, we should still track the GEO-TARGETED terms because those rankings are still important to us....

    This is a confusing topic, have you watched our videos on the topic? It was covered at length in the last two webinars...

    Also feel free to call in for support.

    06/19 at 05:57 PM (8383)
  • Member 5694 Reply

    Your videos barely touch on that topic. Would like to have more a little more explanation. In the past you guys have been creating links to our sites with geo targeted anchor text.

    Now you are saying you are still targeting those geo-keywords however are going to create non-geo-targeted anchor text to our sites?

    06/19 at 06:14 PM (8384)
  • Paul Reply

    I agree with Member 5694, I was at all the webinars...and feel the exact same way....there are no specifics covered in the videos. Can you verify how exactly the anchor text links will be created so they will benefit our local clients?

    06/20 at 04:19 PM (8398)
  • Adam Reply

    Sure... Not a problem.. But first, you need to be familiar with the anchor text ratio and branded keyword settings. Are you comfortable with those today??? Let me know, so we can skip all that and get right to your anchor text question. If you are not, the answer will probably not make sense.

    06/20 at 04:35 PM (8399)
  • Paul Reply

    yes, my rep covered that...want to cover the anchor text question please

    06/20 at 04:37 PM (8400)