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Quality Assurance for On-Site Reports

  • scottjcamp Reply

    I had a question recently about whether our on-site reports are being implemented properly. We missed a couple of items on the report, and I'd like to provide more information about our QA process for future reference along with the secondary updates.

    01/22 at 10:24 PM (12802)
    • Chad Reply

      Scott. Thanks for raising this. I had asked you to do this so that we could get a good response from our web dev team so that we have it posted for future reference.

      01/22 at 10:58 PM (12803)
  • Chris Reply

    Our onsite implementation process has three internal points of QA.

    1 - When the content of the report is reviewed and approved by the reseller the Project Requirements Questionnaire (PRQ) is finalized and submitted for acceptance. Within one business day the PRQ is reviewed for site access and possible issues with the implementation.

    2 - The developer who performs the implementation reviews their work before sending the site to final QA. Each developer is held accountable for their work via our task system. Difficult implementations are brought to the entire dev team for review and collaboration.

    3 - When the developer has completed the implementation to the best of their ability, they note any issues in the Web Development Delivery task and submit the task for final QA. There is a position is our department specifically dedicated to quality assurance. Final QA reviews are performed by our QA specialist or the department head (me).

    Once approved internally, the PRQ is moved to User Acceptance Testing (UAT). At this point the reseller reviews the work and accepts the project as completed or submits feedback.

    I see and approve every onsite implementation. The vast majority of the perceived implementation misses are due to limitations in site access or the platform/architecture of the site itself. These issues are always noted in the delivery task. There are also situations where the end-client makes changes to the site during or after we have completed our work.

    Just as an additional note, I would like to say that I am very proud of my development team, especially in their handling of onsite implementations and onsite content posting. The fact that our team makes thousands of edits to live sites without damaging or crashing any of them is a testament to their diligence and quality of work. Some developers can't make edits to a site they built themselves, let alone log in and out of different server environments, content management systems and custom builds all day, to sites they did not build and have never seen before.
    (Please excuse the mini-rant, but I am really proud of my team.)

    That being said, we are always looking for ways to improve. I appreciate all constructive feedback. If it is possible to site specific examples here I would be glad to address them.

    01/23 at 10:20 AM (12809)
  • scottjcamp Reply

    Fantastic - Thank you, Chris!

    01/23 at 11:59 AM (12813)