HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Project Requirements Questionnaire Update

  • Andrea Reply

    Focusing on our core value of efficiency, we have updated the fields in the Project Requirement Questionnaire to remove items that are not always needed and rename items that needed further explanation. We have removed the FTP, Search Console, Google Keyword Policy and Monthly Report fields.

    You can see in the screenshot above that the FTP fields are no longer above the CMS fields. We have also renamed the field Form-Portal to Form Tracking via Portal. We further clarified the Writers instructions fields so they now show as Writer Instructions - Example Blog Titles and Writer Instructions - Industry Websites.

    To go along with the innovation around our monthly reporting, we have updated the Marketing Report Email field to now be named Marketing Report and have the options of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and None.

    Please contact your Account Manager with any questions.

    05/21 at 05:14 PM (23336)