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Powerball math

  • Chris S Reply

    Not looking promising...

    01/13 at 07:14 AM (21537)
  • Donato Reply

    Usually I'm not one for the lotto but over a billy why not toss a couple dollars at it?

    01/13 at 09:23 AM (21539)
  • Megan Reply

    Not gonna lie, I bought 5. Chances are still slim but significantly higher than just buying 1.

    01/13 at 10:03 AM (21543)
  • Mari Reply

    I'm not buying in because that is TOO much money. I'd only want that much money if it was an absolute secret from everyone I know -- which would be too big of a secret for me to keep!

    01/13 at 11:43 AM (21547)
  • Bill F Reply

    The tickets are still worth more than they cost. At least if you take the annuity option (and really, why wouldn't you - $15-80m over 30 years is plenty enough to live on, and if you needed more, you could always sell your lottery annuity) each $2 ticket is worth just under $5... for a few more hours, then one becomes phenomenally valuable and the rest are worthless. But it's the anticipation that counts.

    01/13 at 12:24 PM (21549)
  • Josh B. Reply

    Man, "only" $394 million? I'm out...

    01/13 at 01:04 PM (21553)
  • Tim Reply

    I love playing the lottery, even when the jackpot isn't a billion plus. I'm well aware of how poor the odds are, but it helps a good cause and it's really fun. I heard someone say recently that people who play the lottery aren't dumb, they're just optimistic.

    01/15 at 09:13 AM (21576)
  • Seth Reply

    While interesting, it really upset me that this article had no graphics demonstrating the statistics they were throwing around.

    01/15 at 09:46 AM (21581)
  • Member 20279 Reply

    I've heard so many rumors about the powerball; I guess one of the guys who won bought 20k worth of tickets. It all comes down to the odds!

    01/15 at 11:37 AM (21586)