HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Planned System Maintenance on Friday 7/25 9pm

  • Adam Reply

    Hi all.. Just a quick head's up that we are doing a planned system maintenance this Friday (7/25) after hours (9pm Eastern). Expected down-time will be under 1 hour. However, this does involve changing IP addresses, so any systems that cache or have slow DNS update cycles could experience longer down-times. For this reason, we have chosen Friday night (as opposed to early in the morning) to allow for maximum DNS update / replication.

    We are very pleased to have such a strong record of up-time and quick system response times. This planned system maintenance is another investment we are making to continue to provide our resellers outstanding IT support.

    07/22 at 12:04 PM (14847)
  • Jamie B Reply

    Getting ahead of Y3k. That is foresight!

    07/22 at 05:25 PM (14849)
  • Adam Reply

    Quick update. We are in place for our portal maintenance window. I will keep you updated.

    07/25 at 07:40 PM (14872)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi all.

    Maintenance window is over and everything is functioning well. Please drop a note if you see anything odd...

    Many thanks.

    07/25 at 11:02 PM (14873)