HubShout SEM System Release Notes

PPC Program Updates

  • Andrea Reply

    In the interest of efficiency, innovation and growth, we have decided to revamp our PPC program.

    We will be charging a start up fee in addition to the recurring management fee for new PPC campaigns. The start up fee is $399 for the PPC Starter and $499 for PPC Grow campaigns and up. Included in the start up fee are weekly calls with your Account Manager to ensure the campaign starts with clear expectations and to the specifications you and your clients are looking for.

    We are also implementing new deliverables for our PPC campaigns. This will let our partners know exactly what changes are being made to the campaigns and when they are made. We will perform the following items:

    Pause Underperforming Keywords
    Update Ad Copy
    Search Term List Review
    Modify Keyword Bids

    Each campaign will also include optimization tasks (the amount depends on the level of service plan) which can include one of the following optimizations:

    Budget/Scheduling - Updating the budgets and/or changing the ad schedule by time and or day, or even front or back loading the budget

    Keyword report/review - Submit search terms list to the client for review. This will give the client a chance to re-assess keyword validity.

    Requested Campaign/Adgroup Changes - This can include adding promotional ad copy, new keywords, new campaigns for a new product or service, refining or expanding geo-targeting, adding a display campaign (potentially incorporating graphic design)

    General Client Questions that require PPC Analyst Expertise - Questions that require Google Ads analysis

    Experiments - Our Analysts will test new bidding strategies, new keywords, and new keyword match types.

    Our Account Managers will also be taking a larger role in PPC campaigns. They will be able to effectively assist our partners with the majority of questions that they have as well as help to review campaign performance. This will help to make the program more efficient as well as get questions answered faster.

    Please reach out to your Account Manager with any feedback or questions.

    08/28 at 11:41 AM (23344)