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  • Member 7950 Reply

    Is there anyway that your forum will support sub categories?

    I am suggestion a little more structure. Please.

    I am finding it very difficult and time consuming having to scroll throughout the forums trying to find my answers.

    There needs to be some way to distinguish between true documentation and random topics.

    For instance the Forum could be named documentation with child categories of:

    1. Sell Sheets
    2. Setting Up Your Portal
    3. etc......

    06/21 at 09:18 AM (8421)
  • Member 7950 Reply

    For instance, i am looking for more information on how the "web to lead form" works. When i do a search, this is what i get: .

    My options are to read all of these threads and try and figure out which ones are random questions (one-off topics) or to email my account manager for more clarification.

    Neither of which is efficient, nor do allow me to find the answer on my own time.

    Combine the results with threads sorting by date created and you can see how inefficient this is.

    We need to be able to go to some location and ONLY read what you have designated as TRUE documentation for a specific feature.

    06/21 at 09:32 AM (8422)
  • Adam Reply

    Question: Are you using the Google custom search box? It ONLY searches our site and I use it daily to find answers?

    06/21 at 09:48 AM (8424)
  • Adam Reply

    This is the search box I'm talking about:

    HubShout Forum Google Custom Search

    06/21 at 09:49 AM (8425)
  • Member 7950 Reply

    Yes, I'm using your forum search. My point is that there needs to be some place other than a running string of threads to keep the Company Generated How To Documents.

    It could even be a simple html page with links to the thread.

    06/21 at 10:51 AM (8427)
  • Cybermed Reply

    Member 7950 I agree with you, there needs to be better documentation, on how to , troubleshooting etc. Just referring us resellers to long (rather boring) videos or forums just just time consuming and frustrating. Looking for a better outcome. Evan

    07/13 at 02:49 PM (8924)