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Onsite SEO Report - SEO - Plugin Setup

  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    In the Project Requirements Questionnaire - Onsite SEO Report, there is a plugin identified for SEO, and the recommendation is always to remove the existing SEO structure and install the plug-in.

    What is this plug-in?

    Why is it better than the Genesis Framework integrated SEO options?

    Thanks for clarifyiing.

    10/29 at 01:48 AM (11163)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    Also, while on the topic of Onsite SEO Report, why can it not be printed out so that I can go line by line through the recommendations. Not everyone wants to use two monitors to review and recommended changes etc.

    For those that need a work around, right click on the page, save file as, Save as HTML. Then, you can print out an ugly version of the recommendations and review them on the applicable site. Cheers

    10/29 at 01:54 AM (11164)
  • Chris Reply

    Hi Jeff - Our analysts are reviewing source code looking for evidence of a SEO plugin. They are keen to the most popular plugins such as Yoast and All-In-One. As you know they are quite a few more, including framework build-ins, and plugins with less obvious code commenting (like Scribe). If they do not notice a plugin, they will suggest installing one. Our default install is Yoast. The final decision is always yours. You can edit any field in the report PRQ to say "No changes required." and my web dev team will honor that request. You can also contact your account manager and have them note in the Web Development Delivery task, that you want a requirement left untouched.

    Personally, I feel that Yoast, All-in-one or even Wordpress SEO vastly out-performs Genesis' built in SEO features. Here is a little reading on this:

    10/29 at 09:45 AM (11179)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    Chris, Thanks. I will review the article and the Yoast Plugin and Let Joe know the plan.

    10/29 at 10:10 AM (11181)
  • Eric R Reply

    Chris answered the question pretty completely to the why and how to fix, so i'm not going to go into it too much further (i'd just be repeating him). With any PRQ, there is a sign off task that gets created and the general instruction is to review, then sign off. Resellers and clients always have the final say on the projects, and remember these are just recommendations on how to improve the site.

    A lot of the time we don't have CMS logins granted at the start of the project, so there is a stronger reliance on evidence in the source code. If you've already got a plugin or a framework integrated option that you'd prefer to use, then like Chris said, just edit that section when you review to say "SEO plugin currently active, no changes required."

    This is one of the reasons why we have you guys review it before it goes to development :)

    10/29 at 10:14 AM (11182)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    Thanks for the quick reply. Now how about the ability to print the PRQ for proofing, and how about customer friendly names for the reports.

    PRQ, UAT and I am sure there more. Since I cannot remember what either one stands for (I do have 28 campaigns so not a novice here), I will recommend the following because I think I have it correct.

    What about something like, Proposed Onsite SEO Changes and Completed Onsite SEO Changes come to mind.

    If the engineers had their choice, we would have had a "motorized human transportation device", thankfully, someone without an engineering mind thought up "automobile" and for us less complex thinkers, we discovered the "car". :)

    Cheers, Jeff

    10/29 at 11:44 AM (11183)
  • Eric R Reply

    PRQ is the general acronym, not necessarily only applying to onsite projects (project requirement questionnaire). That would apply to any new project.

    UAT is User Acceptance testing which the reseller reviews and tests the work to ensure that all requirements in the PRQ have been completed.

    Both are more general system terms rather than onsite specific. We'd need Chad or Adam to chime in if there's a possibility of changing out those acronyms in favor for something more user-friendly.

    10/29 at 12:47 PM (11184)
  • Chris Reply

    thing and it

    10/29 at 03:29 PM (11185)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    Thanks Chris and Eric for listening!. As you walk out to your MHTD purchased with your complete PRQ in mind, if it starts, your MHTD passed the UAT. Safe driving.

    Chris- thing and it inspired the above comment.

    10/30 at 01:35 AM (11192)
  • Chris Reply

    Jeff - I just had a small coffee accident... because of your truly LOL post.

    I am guessing Multi-Human Transportation Device?

    10/30 at 09:41 AM (11194)