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On Site report question

  • Ben V. Reply

    HS Team,
    I'm curious about the new onsite reports (web based ones). These reports are a little bit ambiguous. The comments inside the fields - Are these requirements on our part? Or are they things that the HS team will be handling? Some read like comments/task assignments for the reseller/client and some read like a internal "punch list". The worse part is that next to each field is a green field label with a green checkmark that reads "Requirement complete"....

    Just a little confused....Thanks.

    09/27 at 08:09 AM (10511)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi Ben. Great to hear from you!

    Yes - The web development process can be VERY VERY confusing. I've been doing web development for 18 years now, and it can still get away from me. Keeping requirement definitions, scope, workflow, and resource assignment all straight is the trick..

    No onto your specific question... First, I'm sure you've reviewed our training on this part of the application:

    HubShout Website Reseller PRQ and Pricing Application

    The "Requirement Complete" indicates that the requirement has been written by the Business Analyst (I think this is covered in the process flow in the above slideshare). I can see where this is confusing as it does not mean the work is done. That is tracked in the Workflow side (i.e., task)...

    Yep - Confusing. But honestly, I've worked with 5 or 6 different requirements tracking systems, and I've never met one that was self-explanatory. Nature of the beast. We're open to suggestions if you think it could be clearer.. Just let us know.

    Cheers.. :-)

    09/27 at 08:57 AM (10513)
  • Ben V. Reply

    Hey Adam,
    Thanks for replying. Wish I could say that I've studied each training module, but i haven't. That's on me. I'm more of a help doc guy/knowledgebase person. Sitting through slides and webinars is not my thing. LOL...

    Ok, so we take each item on a point by point basis and work from there through tasks. Not a problem. Does signing off on the "on site" mean anything or just that we acknowledge that the on site has been completed and these are the "issues"? I did pose some questions about the onsite in a ticket and my AM and another analyst helped with that. I guess I should continue in that fashion with other questions?

    My minimum suggestion is that the analysts are VERY SPECIFIC in their language for each requirement about what needs to be done by the reseller/client. It would also be nice for those items to be threads themselves that can be dynamically worked on between reseller and the analyst doing the work. Green checkmarks should GO. Only after all points are clear and complete, a checkbox could be checked off for each line item by the reseller and then the "acceptance" can take place.


    09/27 at 09:16 AM (10516)
  • Adam Reply

    Great feedback Ben. Thanks.

    1) Signing off on the Project Requirements Questionnaire (PRQ): What does this mean? It means you agree with what the HubShout Business Analyst is suggesting the Web Dev team actually do to the website. This is the same sign-off process that any professional Web Dev outfit would use to ensure we don't have an unhappy outcome on the website (and then lengthy rework)... So your points about making the Requirements as specific as possible are well-taken. You need that so you know what will happen to the website, the client needs it, and our Wed Dev Team needs it too.

    As for what items you are responsible for, I believe that is currently managed by leaving requirements empty - which holds you up from signing the PRQ in the first place...

    2) User Acceptance Testing After the Web Dev team is done, and internal QA is done by the Team Department Head, the task is sent to the HubShout Account Manager, who will let you know. You then have 7 days to review the work (UAT Period). At the end of that period (or before) you should hit the CLOSE UAT button to close down the project.

    We have many people who do not do thorough UAT, so we have to force these projects to close after 7 days to free up the team to move onto other projects.

    Hope that helps sort out the process a bit.. Again, I would reference Chad's documentation above as well.

    09/27 at 09:24 AM (10518)
  • Ben V. Reply

    Will do. Thanks Adam for the clarification. We're on board.

    09/27 at 09:27 AM (10520)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Thanks for the clear definitions of the PRQ and UAT. I understood this only after going through the process and being confused about having to accept each onsite report twice. Of course then my AM explained. Don't forget to include in the coming documentation... ;-D

    09/27 at 09:58 AM (10524)