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No dedicated account manager for rookies? What's up with that?

  • Member 11998 Reply

    I've been dealing with Jamie since I first signed up with HubShout. He's been a great help guiding and consulting me the best way to get an SEO and PPC client. It took months of Jamie's hard work to help me get a client. And just when I get a YES, all of a sudden, he's not my account manager anymore. Nobody notified me about this change and I'm really disappointed. I can't even find my way around the dashboard without his help. I spend so much time writing on the task now that it would be less time consuming to talk live to a person. Having a relationship with a dedicated account manager is what made this company stand out from the rest of the white labor companies in the world. HubShout is showing that they care more about the big bucks then providing help to the rookies who need the dedicated account managers the most. Starting up is hard and you just made it even harder. I feel like I just got slapped in the face with a reality check that it's all about the money. I went three steps forward and now five steps back. I'm mad and I'm seriously considering going elsewhere.

    What do you other starters think about not having a dedicated account manager?

    11/24 at 11:45 AM (16195)
  • Chris Reply

    11998 - My name is Chris Wibbe. I head up the Customer Service Team that is now handling your account.

    I understand the convenience of picking up the phone to address an issue. You now have an entire staff, headed by a member of the management team who is ready to help with anything you need. Our goal is a partnership where together we raise your knowledge to the point where you can comfortably run the dashboard yourself and more importantly, for your clients.

    I see your thread here is meant as a discussion among resellers, but I am inviting you to detail to me what it is that you see as a reduction in service. In fact, it is a personal goal of mine to make sure that you and the other Plus level resellers end up praising the customer service that you now receive. Let me know anything that I can do to make that happen. We can go ahead and use this thread to list an address your issues. We are here and ready to help.

    11/24 at 01:09 PM (16198)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi 11998

    I agree with Chris. There is an entire staff available for help. Additionally, the 4pm Q&A session is open-mic, and is attended by the President, Chris and Matt - all higher up on the organization than Jamie..

    I believe our on-shore advantage will continue to shine! Let us know how we can help!

    11/24 at 01:12 PM (16199)
  • Chris Reply

    11998 - I took a quick look at your account. You signed up at the end of March '14. Seven months is too long to not have landed a solid end client. Customer Services wants to help. Lets get you some accounts!

    11/24 at 01:46 PM (16200)
  • Jamie B Reply

    Thanks for the kind words, and I do know that change can be traumatic for everyone involved. I appreciate the concern, and would encourage you to enumerate your concerns, because while this is maybe a myopic discussion, there are certainly resellers who have similar difficulties. There are many people who are higher up on the organization (not just the three adam mentioned) and they are all actively involved on getting you and all of the Plus accounts to the Pro, and even Enterprise level.

    11/24 at 01:46 PM (16201)
  • Terrance Reply

    Well said Jamie. I think this change will be for the good for all involved. The goal that we have is to grow our resellers and to grow ourselves and this is the route I think will get us there. We have a great leader with Chris leading this initiative with our Plus resellers. Many who know what it's like to have that dedicated account manager will make sure that they get that service back and those who don't are experiencing great support with our team. Thank you for the feedback 11998. We hope many more will voice themselves with the changes we have made recently. Any feedback is good.

    11/24 at 02:03 PM (16202)
  • Member 11998 Reply

    Chris: "I understand the convenience of picking up the phone to address an issue."
    This is what’s bothering, not being able to talk to a live person when I need it. Instead, it’s all automated. I know there are people behind it but it feels like talking to robots.

    Adam, how is this going to shine? HubShout was different because of connection with account managers and the support they provide. Who’s going to jump in a call and help me make a sale now? This is where the rookies like me need the most help. I can always learn the dashboard and watch more webinars but it takes time.

    I value the partnership because of the relationship with real people like Jamie. When we get to know the person we're working with, we inspire, and lift each other up when we feel down. Off shore companies don’t give a crap about inspiration and our success, all they care about is money. This is what's bothering me the most. This is where this company is starting to look like every other white labor company in the world. Believe me, I'm all for working with Americans but you are taking away the biggest value.

    Good thing is you made me so mad that I’m gonna push very hard to get more customers and get the value that I need.

    11/24 at 02:03 PM (16203)
  • Chad Reply

    Member 11998. Glad to hear that you are going push to get to the Pro tier. When you get there you will find that our Account Managers now have more time to help you with business development and account management. Matt, our AM team lead, has been working with the team on building our their digital marketing skill set to make them an even more valuable asset in the partnership. When you get to the Pro tier the thing you say is our biggest value will be even better.

    In terms of making it shine, Adam and Chris are both right that we are listening and we want to know what tools you need to succeed. There are a few API vendors we work with that we have never spoken with on the phone but we rave about their customer service. They get back to us consistently and have great documentation for the tricky parts of their service. It is possible to delight new partners with our customer service team and we plan on working on it until we get it right.

    In terms of the relationship you've built with Jamie, it is something that we don't take lightly. A change is always hard and ideally we would have given everyone more time.

    Finally, pre-sales support is very important to us. Our goal is to help you and other new resellers move to the Pro level. We are working on some ideas for easier proposal intake. What specific areas do you need help with? Let's brainstorm ways for us to make it work for you.

    11/24 at 02:46 PM (16207)
  • Member 11998 Reply

    Ok, let's brainstorm. I have a list of leads to call and email. Normally, we need a trust trigger product - give something away for free to get the foot in the door. You could come up with a "Freebie" or discount, let's say, buy an SEO package, get ??% discount on PPC, or something like that.

    I do online reputation marketing and have been successful because we have a product that we give away and we have a process in place. With SEO and PPC, I don't have a trust trigger product or a process to go about it. Other companies come up with sales for the resellers, they even even give away marketing materials so the resellers can market to get leads.
    I know you are perfectly capable of doing it and able to afford it. One of the local magazines I write for as freelancer, asked me if I knew anything about HubShout because you guys have been calling them and offering free content for their magazines. Would you consider doing something like that for us?

    My biggest challenge is making a sale. Clients come up with all kinds of weird questions and not knowing all the process involved in HubSHout, it was very helpful when I skype in a question to Jamie and he'd give me his answer. If I had a challenging prospect, he'd help me prepare for the meetings and also agreed to jump in a call and help me close it.

    11/24 at 04:23 PM (16210)
  • Chad Reply

    Good questions. When you say that other companies come up with sales for the resellers? What do you mean? Promotions that we give you for your clients?

    In terms of a trust triggers, what are you thinking? I know some people offer a free analysis or others use case studies or live examples of other clients.

    We do have a library of marketing materials that is available on our support site. We have one pagers for all of the services. Look here for sell sheets.

    Can you list some of the weird questions you get and we'd be happy to look at whether we have any documents that would address them? We have a bunch of documents that we have created over the years, we need to make sure they are easy for you to find when you need them.

    11/25 at 10:24 AM (16216)