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New York City With Free WiFi, Free Calls, and Ads

  • Member 11298 Reply

    Good concept, but I think it needs a bit more work. the maps on it, yes great for tourists. But a charging system, who is going to stand there and charge their device? Free WiFi, what is the distance spread on that? Would you have to stand there to use the WiFi? What would the repairs cost to the terminals be if they were vandalized?

    12/17 at 11:29 AM (16513)
  • Megan Reply

    I agree Niki, it's a really good concept, forward thinking and all that, But it depends on people not being malicious (vandalism), and also i can't imagine the wifi would be very good when you have hundreds and hundreds of people sharing. Not everything has to be tech based, people need to understand that and get over it.

    02/11 at 11:25 AM (17340)
  • Member 17077 Reply

    great idea.. needs to be beta tested

    03/02 at 05:09 PM (17656)
  • Andrea Reply

    This is a cool idea. However, I agree with what Megan said. How good can the wifi be if everyone in the terminal is using it? Would it even work properly?

    If they can figure out a way to pull this off, I think it would be great.

    04/24 at 11:58 AM (18365)
  • Member 21001 Reply

    If they can come up with a solid design to make this work it will be a real game-changer. I could see most major cities implementing something like this if it is successful.

    01/08 at 12:08 PM (21497)
  • Member 21089 Reply

    would probably work in Davenport, Iowa but in NYC? Everything would be destroyed or stolen

    01/12 at 12:24 PM (21531)
  • Member 21089 Reply

    no idea what this is about but I'll keep it on the radar screen.

    01/15 at 12:52 PM (21590)