HubShout SEM System Release Notes

New Service Plans LIVE

  • Adam Reply

    As promised, we have launched the new, enhanced service plans on-time (6/14). You can find these in the Add Service Plans sections of the Campaign Details and Proposal Edit screens.

    The old plans have been marked with a (v1) for clarity and will be in there for just a short while longer, per our commitment to help you with the transition. Remember, any signed SOW does NOT have migrate. We are not forcing anybody to upgrade (but we do recommend it).

    This day has been a long-time coming for us, with over a year of effort. We are VERY excited to have the new capabilities represented in these service plans and are confident that the effectiveness of our SEM products is now stronger.

    Let us know what questions you have.

    06/14 at 07:43 AM (8093)