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New MSA with 60 Day Out

  • Jeremy S Reply

    I just went to login and there's a new MSA. Did I miss an email, because this was news to me. After quickly going over it, the big change is the 60 day out. Dies that mean I need to have my clients sign new agreements? All of their agreements currently have 30 day outs.

    08/20 at 11:14 AM (15051)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi Jeremy!

    Thanks for your question..

    Answer: NO, no client updates needed! The 60 day term has ALWAYS been on the MSA (which is just the umbrella TOS). But don't confuse this with the SOW - which STILL has a 30 day out after 90 days.

    So, NO changes were made to language around termination at all. We just added in what YEXT is requiring of us for the new local listings. We are very excited about the new Local Partnership with YEXT...

    08/20 at 12:01 PM (15052)
  • Jeremy S Reply

    Ahh, that works. Thanks for the clarity.

    08/20 at 02:02 PM (15054)
  • Chad Reply

    Good question. We are looking forward to working with Yext.

    08/20 at 02:28 PM (15055)
  • Member 11998 Reply

    I've signed up for Yext before to create accounts for online reputation and it didn't work out. I had an orientation with them and realized that once you're done paying them, all of your listings along withe reviews will be gone. If this is the same arrangement with you guys, that's bad news. I still have clients from two years ago that call me sometimes for username and passwords, imagine if you tell them that they no longer have those accounts. Also, if the owners want to address any reviews online, they have no access.

    10/06 at 01:44 PM (15480)
  • Eric R Reply

    Member 11998, you make some great points and I definitely see where you're coming from. I'd like to address a few of your concerns, and make my best attempt to hopefully clear up some questions you have about the product.

    Yext is a premium service and yes if you're not paying then you lose the features. You're spot on with that. The reviews however will remain on the page whether you have control over it via Yext or not. Yext is a data source provider for NAP (name address and phone number) and can also add enhancements like special calls to action and other relevant business data. Yext does not have the ability to remove reviews from any of the partner sites. Those are the property of that specific site.

    I understand that you have concerns about the "pay to play" model that Yext is in, but wouldn't you agree that the SEO, PPC, Social Media, or Content creation services aren't much different? The benefit to Yext is that you don't need to go to every single site manually to update features, it's done instantaneously from one source. Also the benefit comes from updating the data within hours compared to months if you were to do it manually. Basically you're paying for more control and convenience from your end. In all reality, yes you could do everything we offer in house or manually yourself but that would require a major investment in time, labor, and other resources (which all equate to more money out of your pocket). If you were do go out and claim all those sites manually then you would have to create an additional report for your clients instead of directing them to one source (the dashboard's latest integration - for both local listing status and latest reviews.

    As for the responding to reviews, I understand that part and it is a slight downside. Fortunately I've seen across a majority of accounts that reviews are trickling in across 3 major places: Google My Business (which we manually claim), Yelp, and Foursquare. A bulk of the other sites are aggregating reviews from each other and we're not seeing a ton of volume outside of those three. Google is definitely the big one to pay attention to, and we have the ability to respond to reviews through that site since we'll have manager or owner access (depending if it's been previously claimed by your client). If clients are seeing a influx of review on Yelp then I would recommend manually claiming the page, but there are a few hoops Yelp makes you jump through to verify you're the owner. I could be wrong, but with Yext you can update new information to Yelp even if you have ownership over that page because of the partnership deal Yext has with Yelp. Even with buying into the Yext package there are ways to cover all bases when it comes to reviews. If there are special situations you're seeing with clients, then please submit a support ticket to your Account Manager and I'll help you guys look into it & come up with a strategy to correct the problem.

    I hope I addressed all the concerns you had about this new product enhancement. You can direct all concerns or questions about Yext to me if I missed anything. I've been pushing for this enhancement for months, I did the research into the product and presented it to Chad + Adam, so I'll take a bulk of the responsibility for the change and the roll-out support. Please feel free to start new threads and ask questions about the product (either from the deliverable side or sales side). Our team is more than happy to help out and share knowledge to help our reseller team out!

    Overall I think this was a big improvement on both the deliverable side and the reporting side. I'm excited to see how it complements the other products, and pumped to get more resellers involved with Local SEO.

    10/06 at 02:19 PM (15482)