HubShout SEM System Release Notes

New Dashboard Web Servers Launching Soon

  • Adam Reply

    Following a short outage on Sunday 7/29/18 we investigated a lurking Memory Leak issue in the Java / Tomcat infrastructure that runs our Linux web servers. We have built up two new web servers on the latest version ( that claims to have resolved this issue.

    We ran several LOAD TESTS on the new web servers. Here is are the results of a 1 minute load test of 2,000 sessions hitting several pages (including task database interaction). The results are outstanding, showing very strong response times and the memory usage was minimal during the test (no signs of memory leaking).

    08/10 at 09:57 AM (23339)
  • Adam Reply

    Our intention is to put these into Production over the weekend. This gives us time to monitor during low usage times. If we see any issues, we can easily pull them out of service before Monday's heavily load.

    08/10 at 09:58 AM (23340)