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Need Terms & Definitions

  • Alan Reply


    The webgrader lacks a simple documentation system that one can quickly reference in a pinch. The other day my client asked what was a "Monthly Traffic Value" in the Research tab. I gave him a fuzzy answer based on my memory of the webminar I saw quite a while back. Of course, he wasn't all that happy with the answer.

    To start some sort of documentation system, I would really appreciate it if you could provide a definition on the following terms, say, in a single paragraph:

    Monthly Traffic Values

    Scatter Plot

    Root Domain Benchmarks

    Backlink Scorecard


    Domain Authority

    External Links

    Root Links

    Top Rankings

    05/22 at 06:25 PM (7312)
  • Adam Reply

    Have you watched the webinar? I think most are explained in the recording...

    HubShout Webinars

    05/22 at 06:33 PM (7314)
  • Alan Reply

    @Adman - I have, quite a while ago. Now I have to watch it again and see if I can catch the term I'm looking for. Not an ideal system, right?

    I understand the importance of webminars to explain things. But I think videos should be a part of a complete whole. At this time, the dashboard and the webgrader do not have an in-line help system for rapid reference. So webminars are part of the solution, but not the complete solution.

    For instance, I'd hate to tell my client to wait until I review a video to give him a proper answer. Even then, the answer may not be there, and we are back to square one.

    Ideally, a complete help system would rely on easily accessible resources, such searchable in-line help, downloadable pdf manuals, and last but not least, videos.

    05/22 at 06:45 PM (7317)
  • Alan Reply

    @Adam - Of course, I forgot to mention, this forum is another useful resource to fill all the empty holes in the system.

    05/22 at 06:48 PM (7318)
  • Ben V. Reply

    I agree with Alan. More docs/help files = more productivity and success for resellers

    05/22 at 07:41 PM (7319)
  • Jenna Reply

    @Alan, these are good ideas. have you seen this webinar - ? might be useful

    05/22 at 08:51 PM (7320)
  • Alan Reply

    @Jenna - Yes, I have. I know it's useful, but it is not a practical solution. Like I said before, you just can't run to a one hour video every time you need to look something up. It may, or may not be there, or it may not be relevant enough.

    For example, suppose the answer to an inquiry was a casual mention on the video... Now what? Back to the forums so that well-intended folk remind you to look at the webminar?

    That's why it's very, very, important to have proper in-line help resources that one can access on the spot. Especially for something as complex as the dashboard and web grader.

    05/22 at 09:13 PM (7321)
  • AdamUK Reply

    I think Alan has a point. Recently i had a client ask me to explain details of their report as they did not understand the terms used. They openly admit they are not very good with computers so a simple glossary would have helped. I ended up emailing him some very simple explanations but for a more knowledgeable client I think my explanations would have been a bit thin. Any plans to create a simple doc we can put our branding on and send to clients with the report. This would be a good addition to the automated reports that is just appended when your system sends out a report.


    05/23 at 05:43 AM (7322)
  • Chris Reply

    I handle a lot of the technical and system support questions here and I thank you for starting and contributing to this thread. This is a good discussion to have.

    There is room for improvement with our documentation. The suggestions and requests are appreciated and we are working on it daily. I personally have created written docs, downloadable PDF files and recently our new Video Tutorials. These new video tutorials are kept short and concise. I agree that a full webinar is not the best resource for quick on-the-fly information, BUT if you had watched the webinar at some point prior to being asked a question by your client, you may have been better prepared to answer.

    I field questions daily on topics that we have multiple sources of detailed documentation available. You would be amazed at the number of forum questions, emails and support tickets that I respond to, that can be answered with a quick search. Meaning that the documentation that we do have is underutilized.

    So yes, we need to improve our documentation. We are happy to hear feedback and we are working on it everyday. But you, as resellers, need to take some responsibility as well. Use what is available. Educate yourself. This is your business right? We see this as a partnership, we succeed together. I have to say, if you are in the SEO business and you go in to a meeting with a client without being able to answer questions on terms from the original post like Domain Authority, External Links, Root Links and mozRank, you need to reevaluate your preparation.

    I have added Webgrader to my list of upcoming videos and documentation. Keep the requests coming.

    05/23 at 09:16 AM (7325)
  • Adam Reply

    Excellent Chris. Sounds like we really need a short (under 4 mins) video to help these guys out.. Sounds like the Webinar is just too long (which makes sense).

    05/23 at 09:21 AM (7326)