HubShout SEM System Release Notes

NOT PROVIDED - Changes Coming Soon

  • Adam Reply

    Chad reviewed the details of the upcoming release to our HOME and SEO screen to be ready for the shift to 100% NOT PROVIDED from Google. Just thought I'd post a small reminder for those that missed our webinar last week. The release will start to roll out soon - starting tomorrow.

    09/30 at 04:00 PM (10576)
  • Adam Reply

    The screen changes are covered in the

    Premium SEO Content webinar.

    09/30 at 04:01 PM (10577)
  • Chad Reply

    The Not Provided (aka Encrypted Search) updates are going out this evening. I shot a quick video to explain the changes. Please review.

    10/01 at 06:04 PM (10613)
  • Adam Reply

    Thanks Chad. AM's - please push this to your SEO Resellers so they know what has been changed in the White Label Portal.

    10/02 at 12:37 PM (10623)
  • Terrance Reply

    This has been done. Thank you! Let's go Remarketing!!

    10/02 at 12:49 PM (10625)
  • Ellen Reply

    A "Reseller Advisory" email just went out!

    10/02 at 01:13 PM (10630)
  • John Reply

    I just sent this to my resellers and will review with them also!

    10/02 at 02:43 PM (10646)
  • Adam Reply

    Thanks Ellen. I saw the email go by. Looked good...

    10/02 at 02:47 PM (10647)