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Mobile Internet To Be Worth More Than Apple By 2018

  • Angelina Marie Reply

    How are you (marketers) going to prepare for this?

    05/26 at 08:40 AM (18719)
  • Chris W Reply

    Wow, I am blown away with this. I still remember my first cell phone being on of those Virgin pre-paid ones, today, the world at the tip of my fingers!

    05/26 at 10:32 AM (18720)
  • Chris S Reply

    Mobile and local go hand and hand, too. It's a brave new world...

    05/26 at 01:51 PM (18721)
  • Bill F Reply

    This seems kind of arbitrary, comparing the value of an entire industry to one company (which is deeply connected to that industry).

    05/27 at 09:52 AM (18731)