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Microsoft chat bot goes wild

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    Microsoft created an Artificial Intelligence teenage girl chat robot on Twitter. Although an experiment to increase the abilities of their voice recognition software, sending an innocent robot into the muck of social media has caused Microsoft to pull the plug on the project after a day when it immediately turned into a Nazi.

    A hilarious failure on every level.

    03/24 at 04:02 PM (22481)
  • Chris Reply

    It would be a much scarier insight into "us" if people weren't trying to purposefully tank the experiment.

    03/24 at 05:09 PM (22482)
    • Chris S Reply

      I agree, Chris. I don't think it's reflective of attitudes as much as people playing a prank - not that those attitudes aren't out there...

      03/25 at 10:27 AM (22497)
  • Member 19075 Reply

    So weird, wow.

    03/25 at 09:02 AM (22484)
  • Ryan Reply

    Even more baffling is why you would include a "Repeat after me" command so the Twitter bot repeats whatever you tell it. That probably explains a lot of the tweets mentioned in the article. But, as this article points out:

    It still doesn't explain why she responded "ricky gervais learned totalitarianism from adolf hitler, the inventor of atheism." when asked if Ricky Gervais is an atheist.

    03/25 at 09:07 AM (22487)
  • Juliagulia Reply

    It creates a pretty bad picture of internet content, doesn't it?

    03/25 at 09:11 AM (22489)
  • Chris W Reply

    When SkyNet meets Idiocracy ...

    03/25 at 09:27 AM (22490)
  • Donato Reply

    pretty crazy but certainly not very surprising when you think about it unfortunately

    03/25 at 09:39 AM (22491)
    • Josh B. Reply

      I agree...not all that surprising, since her responses were based off of what other people had said in conversations.

      03/25 at 01:18 PM (22509)
  • Bill F Reply

    So basically, "a chat-bot explains the 2016 election".

    03/25 at 09:41 AM (22492)