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Matt Cutts resurfaces

  • Ellen Reply

    Recently, Cutts gave a speech about the early days of Google.

    Video Of Matt Cutts Talking About The Early Days At Google

    01/26 at 07:18 PM (17102)
  • Matt Reply

    I hope Matt Cutts comes back. I am sure the chances are remote

    01/26 at 08:05 PM (17103)
  • Renee Reply

    He's not nearly as tan as I expected. There goes my theory that he has been in Aruba.

    BTW, this video makes him very likable. In particular, it was his Jane's Addiction reference at a little after the 12 minute mark.

    01/27 at 12:10 PM (17115)
    • Jamie B Reply

      Agreed. I would prefer if he made his appearances recreating that UBL video firing the AK-47

      02/03 at 09:03 AM (17199)
  • Ryan Reply

    Nobody wants to (or should have to be) Google's punching bag for angry SEOs. Cutts will never come back in the same capacity as before.

    01/28 at 12:05 PM (17121)
    • Seth Reply

      And I can't really blame him for that.

      02/02 at 12:51 PM (17182)
  • Eric R Reply

    I thought that was a great talk he did. Made him look like less of the face of Google's Spam team and more of a real person. Enjoy the job and take pictures. He got me laughing in a few parts, so it's nice to know he actually has a good sense of humor about the things that happened during his career.

    I'm wondering how hard it would be to fill Adam's office with sand, and make it island themed....

    01/28 at 02:22 PM (17127)
  • Eric R Reply


    01/28 at 04:38 PM (17132)