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Local Search Results for Neighboring City

  • Jeremy S Reply

    I searched the forum, but didn't find anything about this particular topic. Does anyone have any insight into increasing local search results for neighboring city?

    I've got a client whose business is based just north of Atlanta. However, when we do a keyword search based on the Atlanta area his company is not listed in the local results. The bad part is that these local results, the map based Google results, take up almost every spot on Page 1.

    Has anyone come across this or figured out a way to get into those results?

    06/10 at 04:16 PM (14508)
  • Jamie B Reply

    Have they considered opening a store in Atlanta?

    06/11 at 11:27 AM (14512)
  • Jason G. Reply

    As Jamie said, the best way to get ranked locally in Atlanta is to have physical locations in the city. .

    06/11 at 12:30 PM (14514)
  • Jeremy S Reply

    Thanks for the feedback. The problem is there are a dozen cities in the metro Atlanta area. He can't open up shop everywhere, so I'm trying to work out another option.

    06/19 at 02:29 PM (14562)
  • Juashua Reply

    Huh, that does seem like it could be an issue in many metropolitan areas. Thanks for sharing!

    02/02 at 09:51 AM (17178)
  • Member 17077 Reply

    thanks for sharing

    03/02 at 05:18 PM (17658)