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Local Campaigns vs none local (SEO)

  • Mick Reply

    Not being in the US I came up against the issue where I raised a local campaign SOW only to have it rejected by HS as it was an Australian Client/website...

    In my mind I felt a local campaign means local to the location, not national or international, it seems not, can I confirm, even if we don't choose a local L HS package but the client still needs local information setup on directories etc, we still complete the local tab on the clients campaign/sow? and local items will be setup?

    So it is local, but just not in HS package naming conventions?

    Hope that makes scene..

    10/01 at 01:48 AM (10583)
  • AdamUK Reply

    I'm not sure I follow. Why was it rejected? Are you saying HS does not accept local SEO for Australian cases?

    10/01 at 07:28 AM (10584)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi guys.

    Right. We don't have a way to verify Google Places in other countries right now. Our other big barrier is that we can't call resellers.. Both of these issues make it hard to do local campaigns outside the US.

    10/01 at 08:12 AM (10588)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Hey Adam, I'm in the UK but our company is a US company. I actually have no difficulty with phone calls as I run calls through a US number and annual unlimited call setup through Skype to the US. The only problem I have with phone calls is the time difference as I am 5 hours ahead. Obviously this time difference would be a greater issue for someone in Australia.

    Regarding the Google Places, I don't think it would be a big deal for me to verify Google Places for any UK clients if I had some (I don't at the minute).

    With these two workarounds I can do, does this mean I am in a good position to provide Local SEO services to clients here in the UK? I need to be sure using HS for UK clients will get them a quality solution. What do you think?

    Also, can PPC still be effective for UK clients?

    I imagine my questions apply for an Australian reseller too.


    10/01 at 10:35 AM (10600)
  • Mick Reply

    AdamUK, good questions, yes they also apply to me and I believe we need to be able to provide local seo plans and some responsibility should fall on the reseller to complete items HS cannot, I'm sure just raising a ticket against the reseller would not be an issue, I suppose it needs to be outlined upfront so a reseller knows they will need to do some things should they choose a local campaign.

    If we don't choose a local campaign, do we still complete the local tab and other local information is setup?

    10/01 at 08:26 PM (10616)
  • Mick Reply

    Do we get a response here HS?

    10/08 at 08:48 AM (10789)
  • Eric R Reply

    Hey guys, sorry for the delayed response. To put some things into perspective for the local program, for the small-medium plans we currently target 3 main local listing sites - Google, Yahoo, Bing. Like Adam mentioned, we have some barriers to the verification process, but there is also an issue of certain sites and directories that are only for US businesses. The US local search ecosystem is completely different from Canada, UK, and Australia.

    As for sending a support ticket to resellers to claim these listings, that is hit or miss because some resellers expect the HubShout analyst to do all the work and don’t want to be bothered with the local profiles. Others are very hands on, and have no problem with doing a little extra work. If we forwarded “claiming” tasks on to resellers, there’s not a 100% chance it will get done. That could create another barrier for resellers who don’t know how to set up the profiles correctly, which would then create more problems for their clients down the road.

    As a result, clients outside of the US should use one of our regular (non-local) SEO plans.

    10/08 at 01:02 PM (10810)