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Adam and Chad take a few minutes to explain how to use the leading agency dashboard to impress and retain clients. HubShout's software offers your clients comprehensive analytics on the success of their white label programs. The leading agency seo dashboard allows for incredible transparency and trust. Use the agency dashboard to sell more and strengthen the relationships between you and your clients. Watch the video to find out how to use the agency dashboard.


Good afternoon, Adam.

Good afternoon Chad. We're talking about our agency seo program today. We spent a lot of time and energy on our technology, on our work process, and I want to outline today and ask this question. What makes the HubShout Agency SEO Dashboard so fantastic in the first place? That's a good one, and definitely one that we've spent a lot of time sinking a lot of time into defining and building. So there are three things I think are really what make an agency seo dashboard useful. The first one is really giving you the ability to provide benchmarks and performance measurement for your clients.

So, at the end of the day, we all live and die in this business by are we moving the needle for our clients. And so the number one thing you want to be able to do is point to a number that everyone can agree on and say, this is where we started, and this is where we are. And for example, for us, that's rankings, that's traffic to the website, especially as we use the non-brand organic traffic to the website.

Those are the metrics that we really look at. So that's one big part of an agency seo dashboard. The second one that I think is really important, and a lot of our resellers tell us this over and over again, is that it gives them differentiation among all the other people out there selling online marketing products and services.

So, when you go in to do the demo and you're in the proposal phase, having screenshots of your private label agency dashboard shows that you're not a fly by night operation. You've invested in technology and tools that will help deliver the sources an efficient way, and then ultimately will become the reporting portal for your end customers.

And then I think the final thing that is really important is that without some sort of technology, you're not going to be able to scale your business. And I know this from personal experience, because when I first started working in internet marketing and consulting, every month I had to create my reports for my customers.

And going through, logging into analytics and AdWords, and then the tool I was using to track rankings, and then other tools that were pulling in data like call tracking, and trying to put all this information to one place, I would literally spent the first week of a month just trying to pool all this information together using a dashboard agency to send these reports out.

So, one of the great things about our tool is that all that information comes together automatically in your agency dashboard and then can be immediately put together in a monthly report and sent out to your customers. So those are all very, very important things. And then of course, part of what you also get with the scale is that all of the workflow that happens behind the scenes, it actually keeps both you and us as your outsource partner organized to make sure that work's getting done. And sometimes people don't fully appreciate how difficult it is to actually manage the schedules of running hundreds of campaigns at the same time, but some of the feedback we've gotten from other competitors that's exactly where problems happen, is that the expectation is that work's going on, but somehow a switch wasn't quite flipped right or there was some other problem, and no work is happening.

And that's the worst thing you could possibly have is go a month or two into a project realizing that it hasn't even really started yet. So that's why I think our dashboard, our agency dashboard, is the best in the industry and one that everyone should be using.

Cool, so to recap, you said benchmarks, pulls the data together, it calls the API, it's got to bring that together, saving a lot of time, letting you know where your customers stand. Two, differentiation you talked about in sales process. You bring this out to them, you show them it's something that they're going to get as part of their service. It helps you close deals.

And lastly, it was scale and workflow management, which I agree with you is something many people underappreciate, but if you're really going to be in this business for the long haul and you want to make money, scaling well and keeping that workflow clean and efficient will keep your margins healthy. So that is what makes the HubShout agency dashboard so fantastic. Thanks.

Thank you.

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  • Matt Reply

    A big plus for any agency is to show a client that the work they paid for is complete and to show the results of that work. When it comes time to retain the client the dashboard will help immensely.

    12/03 at 06:53 AM
  • Renee Reply

    I agree, Matt. Being able to check in on and monitor the specifics of campaigns 24/7 is a huge plus!

    12/03 at 01:07 PM

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