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Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization: In the field of search engine optimization, keyword optimization is the process by which keywords and key phrases are integrated into a website's metadata and content. Keywords are used to improve a page's search engine rank for that particular word or phrase.

While a general target for keyword optimization is between 2% and 4% of the page's copy, there is no "perfect" amount of keywords to use. However, it's often best to stick to a "less is more" approach when placing keywords within content. Too much keyword usage -- referred to as "keyword stuffing" -- can cause your website to be flagged as spam by Google or other search engines. This type of writing tends to be uninformative and unreadable to most users, anyway.

In order to discover which keywords should be optimized for use on a page, SEO agencies and other advertisers will often utilize a keyword tool to help find the most relevant keywords and key phrases for a client. From there, the keyword optimization process begins with the agency creating content around those keywords and phrases and placing keywords into the title field and metadata.

In order for the keyword optimization process to be a success, the rest of the client's website must also be functional. The site should be accessible by search engine crawlers (or bots), and the site should also be home to unique content presented in a clean, well-designed layout.