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Images Tab in Campaign Setup

  • Member 7609 Reply

    The images section of the campaign setup is painful!!! I have some on my team that say it takes 30 minutes to go through and delete photos plus look to add new ones. Is it possible to make this step any easier???? I can't even see how many photos pre-populate, I just keep deleting ones I don't like and new ones show up! HELP!

    02/25 at 04:36 PM (13264)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi there.

    We greatly appreciate your feedback! YES - As our image library has grown, the one-by-one delete process is no longer acceptable. I have a feature request on this already logged, let me find it and see if I can escalate this for you.

    02/25 at 04:42 PM (13265)
  • Adam Reply

    The DELETE ALL option was developed and pushed to production. You should see it now under CAMPAIGN DETAILS IMAGES....


    02/26 at 01:02 PM (13275)
  • Member 7609 Reply

    WOW I am impressed - awesome awesome awesome! Thanks for taking action on this so quickly :)

    02/26 at 01:29 PM (13276)