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Hubshout SEO efforts vs. Paid Search

  • Member 8293 Reply

    I ran some numbers and after 90 days I was hoping for results. I dont see them. Any feedback

    09/21 at 11:10 PM (10317)
  • Chad Reply

    I could take those same numbers and tell a positive story:

    1. 121% increase in non-branded traffic

    2. 180% increase in organic leads

    3. A more diversified online marketing program with leads from both ppc and organic.

    But I wouldn't even do that because you have only been running the program for 90 days. SEO is a long term investment. We say you will see movement in search rankings within 90-180 days. I've been using the 6 month side of this estimate because the days of quick results are over.

    We are big fans of both PPC and SEO. All of the research shows that placement in both organic and ppc is best way to capture more share.

    09/21 at 11:53 PM (10318)
  • Member 8293 Reply

    Sure..if getting traffic was free..but its not..cost has to included at both visitor level and conversions level and compared across all channels.

    09/22 at 12:09 AM (10319)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    To add to Chad's comments: What I do not see here is the Customer Lifetime Value: In my niche, a new customer is worth on average a minimum of $10,000. So, if I am charging $1,000 per month, I need 6 new customers annually to provide an ROI of 5 to 1.

    Also, if I am reading your chart correctly, if the average month over month growth of traffic continues to grow at the current pace you will have doubled your traffic in 12 months. So, I would be looking at how to increase conversions on the site.

    Finally, to get an additional 800 visitors each month, it would cost you roughly $3,000 per month for PPC, and your Hubshout cost for organic traffic is dramatically less than that.

    It is all about expectations, and I see a bright future for your client if they stick with you, and you stick with Hubshout. Cheers, Jeff

    09/22 at 08:57 PM (10320)