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Hubshout Packages Clarification

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    Hey Guys,

    I was looking at the packages and I was looking specifically at column where it says "Appropriate for 0-12" for the starter package and the numbers go up in each package.

    Just to clarify, is that the number of search results for a particular keyword? If so is that when typing exact match, the match with quotation marks, or just broad match? eg. are the results for Accountant Melbourne, "Accountant Melbourne" or [Accountant Melbourne]?

    I'm just trying to clarify so that I can see which is the appropriate package for the keywords I'm looking at.

    Thanks for your time,


    04/29 at 06:49 PM (6725)
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    You would search the word like this: "Accountant Melbourne" in Google for the exact number of competing pages. For example, this keyword "Accountant Melbourne" has 29,400 directly competing sites.

    04/29 at 10:09 PM (6726)
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    Great. Thank you very much Chris for your clarification. Much appreciated.

    04/30 at 01:32 AM (6727)